Town of Duane, New York


The Duane Fire Department responds to calls for assistance via the Franklin County 911 call center in Malone, NY. The department consists of trained firefighters, EMT’s and first responders to respond to all Fire, EMS and emergency requests for assistance. The department is a corporation contracted by the Town of Duane through its budget to provide these services. Request for an ambulance is automatically dispatched with the fire department personnel upon calls to 911. Ambulance service is provided by yearly agreements with St. Regis Falls Fire/EMS and Northern Ambulance. The Town also contracts yearly with Life Flight for its services when required.

Ned LeMieux, Jr. — Chief 1989
F. Gil Paddock — President 1970
Exempt Members
Brittany Fish 2009 Ned LeMieux, Sr. 1970
Bill Brunell 2007 Richard Brown 1970
Dave Teeple 2019 Janine Paddock 1977
Don Teeple 2011 Pete Biesemeyer 1985
Kenneth Fish 1997 Mark Young 1995
Luis Pinilla 2020 Steven Fish 1997
Matthew Fish 2009
Neil Fish 2012
Scott Glenny 2008
Tom McLane     2021

Duane Volunteer Fire Co. Inc.

The Duane Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2020. A group of concerned citizens began the task of organizing a fire department after Duane residents experienced back to back emergencies in their tight knit community. The untiring efforts of those citizens resulted in acceptance into the Franklin County Mutual Aid System in November of 1970. Five residents-Ford D. Paddock, Bernard Duffy, Edward “Ned” Lemieux, Mary Lagoy and Richard Brown personally guaranteed a mortgage to build the fire station and begin to equip the department. The building was built on land donated by Rita and Ned Lemieux. Through the generosity of many residents and untold volunteer hours of labor, the station became habitable in the fall of 1971.

As the department celebrated their 50 years of service to the community, this page recognizes the many members, past and present, who have selflessly given their time and talents to the citizens of Duane.

With sincere thanks….

In Memory

Allen LaPlante ✞   Bernard Duffy ✞   Beverly Paquin ✞   Doug Tebeau ✞   Ford D. Paddock ✞   Harry McFaul ✞   J. Harold Stewart ✞   Katherine Paddock ✞   Kenneth Tebeau ✞   Lloyd Mayville ✞   Mary LaGoy ✞   Paul Pfenninger ✞   Rev. Thomas Wright ✞   Rita D.Lemieux ✞   Robert French ✞   Robert Johnston ✞   Earl Paquin ✞   Raymond Ziesse ✞   Ronald Paquin ✞   Wilbur Moore ✞

Past Members

Aaron DeShane — Andrea Stewart — Avis Brown — Brad Paddock — Brent Stewart — Christopher Ward — David Perry — Gary Gadway — Glenn Lawson — Jacqueline Tebeau — James Frey — Judy Pelkey — Lisa LaFlesh — Lloyd Walfield — Malcolm Dodd — Marti Dodd — Matthew Bezrutezyk — Michael Glenny — Michael LaFlesh — Nathan Betts (Junior) — Scott Haskins — Scott Smith — Shannon Hart — Susan Mahler — Thatcher Hogan — Richard Davenport — Scott Smith — Bryant Gonyea — Gerald Dumas — Bruce Pelkey — Ivan Faughnstock—Sean Tebeau

**For those who donated, served or supported the department, too numerous to mention**

Sincere thanks.

50th Anniversary Celebration

Richard J. Brown — 50 Years of Service

Edward J. “Ned” LeMieux, Sr. — 50 Years of Service

Ford Gilbert “Gil” Paddock — 50 Years of Service

Janine Paddock
40 Years

Edward “Ned” LeMieux, Jr.
30 Years

Master of Ceremonies,
Ken Fish

With Thanks to
Malone Call Firemen

With Thanks to
Paul Smiths Gabriels VFD

With Thanks to
Saranac Lake VFD