Town of Duane, New York

town of duane ny highway department

Duane Highway Department

72 Ladd Rd.
Duane NY

Mailing address: 152 County Route 26

(518) 483-3809

Superintendent: Ned LeMieux, Jr.
Full Time: Thomas McLane
Full  Time: Mike Barse

Your Duane Highway department is funded by tax dollars and supplemented by Franklin County and CHIPS funds from the State of NY. The department’s budget has consistently kept expenses to as reasonable a level as possible while maintaining the highway garage, equipment, roads, culverts, roadsides, cemeteries, park and town properties. The department maintains 13.76 miles of town roads in addition to plowing and sanding 27.52 miles of county roads.

CHIPS funds from the state provide for road reconstruction /paving projects within the town. Franklin County revenue supplements the budget for the plowing and ice removal by the Duane Highway Department on County roads in and proximal to Duane.

Paving project Studley Hill Road

The Duane Highway Department, along with several area highway departments, completed the paving of Studley Hill Rd from County Rte. 26 to the intersection with Ayers Rd. on July 19th. By utilizing a “Shared Services Agreement,” area towns assist each other by providing personnel and equipment to manage large projects which require resources that each town individually would not have.  In this case, area towns provide the trucks and drivers to haul the asphalt to the job site; where a private paving company provides the specialized paving equipment and its trained personnel. The Duane Highway Department, in turn, assists area towns with their similar projects. CHIPS funds were used to pay for this project.

Heavy equipment and vehicles

Town Highway Garage

Built in 1970’s the garage houses most of the vehicles, a small office and a mechanics bay. Recently two of the large bay doors were replaced with more energy efficient ones.

2020 New Holland tractor

The New Holland Power Star 75 is a multi-use tractor with a bucket, snow blower, flail mower and sweeper. It replaces a 1974 Massey Ferguson tractor.

Tractor flail mower attachment

The flail mower proved invaluable in roadside mowing this summer.

1996 Champion road grader

The Champion grader is an old, yet reliable machine used often in winter road clean-up and for maintenance of gravel roads.

2015 Western Star tandem axel

The Western Star is equipped with a plow, wing and sander is used for winter road maintenance. It is also used for hauling pavement as needed in Franklin county per the shared services agreement.

2013 Freightliner single axel

The Freightliner is equipped with a plow, wing and sander and is used for winter plowing but has other all-season uses as well.

2018 John Deere 544 K Loader

The loader is a multi-use vehicle used in road clean up, hauling, preparing and loading the salt/sand supplies for the winter. In addition to road repair, it is used to remove snow banks from intersections and hazardous driveway access points to town and county roads.

2020 Ford F 250 pickup

The F250 is used by the Superintendent daily to monitor all road conditions or hazards and in responding to any weather related events which impact safe travel in the town. In day to day operations it It also responds with the fire department as needed.

September 3, 2021

2 men placing sign on base

Highway Superintendent Ned LeMieux, Jr. assisted by Mike Barse set and secured the new sign at the town’s property on Deer River Flow.

Man Ned LeMieux

Highway Superintendent

Ned LeMieux, Jr.

Tom McLane 

Heavy Equipment Operator

Man with drill Mike Barse

Mike Barse