Town Clerk

Contact: Sue Nitto (518) 483-1617

No Set Office Hours: Please call and leave a message, your call will be returned ASAP

Main Function of Office:
The Office of the Town Clerk is considered to be the center of town government. This is the office which is responsible for recording activities of the town government and is the repository of the vital documents of its town residents.

The Town Clerk provides the following services:

Marriage licenses are issued by the Town Clerk and must be obtained at least twenty four (24) hours prior to the ceremony and are valid for up to sixty (60) days. There is a $40 licensing fee for marriage licenses. Identification such as a driver’s license and a birth certificate are required. Both parties must be present together in order to apply for a marriage license and must each take an oath. If either party was previously married, a death certificate or divorce decree must be provided to the Town Clerk as evidence that the marriage has been legally dissolved. After the marriage ceremony is performed the completed license is returned to the Town Clerk by the official who performed the marriage. The Town Clerk will mail the Marriage Certificate directly to the couple. Additional certified copies are available to the couple for a fee of $10.

All dogs in New York State must be licensed by the age of four (4) months. Proof of a current rabies vaccination indicating its expiration date is required. Spayed and neutered dogs are licensed at a reduced fee upon presentation of a veterinarian’s certification. Licenses must be renewed yearly with the Town Clerk. Call the Town Clerk to receive a form to license your dog, if you do not already receive one by mail.

Proof of rabies vaccination and proof of spaying/neutering is required. NYS requires issuing agencies to collect an Animal Population Control Fee (APC FEE). This fee is sent to New York State Dept. of Agriculture & Markets.

The License Fees are as Follows:
Spayed/Neutered Dogs: FEE — $10.00 plus $1.00 APC FEE
Unspayed/Unneutered Dogs: FEE — $35.00 plus $3.00 APC FEE

All births that occur in the Town of Duane are filed with the Town Clerk and a birth certificate is issued. The fee for a certified copy of a birth certificate is $10.

All deaths which occur in the Town of Duane are filed with the Town Clerk. Certified copies are available to immediate family members for a fee of $10 per copy.

The Town Clerk attends all meetings of the Town Board and must keep a complete and accurate record of the official actions of the Town Board. Regular meetings are held at 10:00am on the third Wednesday or by ZOOM. See public notices in the Malone Telegram. Please contact the clerk to be placed on the agenda or to receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting.

Contact the Town Clerk for a referral to a Notary Public in Duane.

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), Public Officers’ Law Article 6, provides that all records are accessible, except records or portions of records that fall within one of the nine categories of deniable records. Further information is available by contacting the Town Clerk. Requests must be submitted to the Town Clerk in writing, forms are available in the Office of the Town Clerk.

The Town Clerk issues Temporary and Permanent Handicap Parking Permits. A Physician Form must be completed verifying that an individual is in need of a Handicap Parking Permit. This form or a letter from the physician on his or hers letterhead must be presented to the Town Clerk as well as a Government issued photo ID License plates are issued through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Contact the Town Clerk

Town of Duane

148 Old Meacham Rd.
Malone, NY 12953
United States

(518) 483-1617