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Meeting with the Judge
Contact the Court office to schedule an appointment.
Call: (518) 483-0517

Fax: (518)285-4378

Contact the Office of the Franklin County District Attorney.
Call: (518) 481-1544

Traffic Violations

Pleading Guilty
You can plead guilty by mail by following the instructions on the ticket and sending the completed form to:

Duane Town Court
172 County Route 26, Duane
Malone, NY 12953

Upon receipt of your guilty plea a judge will determine the fine and the court will notify you of the amount by mail.

Pleading Not Guilty
You can plead not guilty by mail, using your copy of the ticket given to you by the Officer. If charged with a misdemeanor, a court appearance is required. Follow the instructions and send the completed form to:

Duane Town Court
172 County Route 26, Duane
Malone, NY 12953

You have the option of requesting a supporting deposition which is a sworn statement from the ticketing officer that contains a more detailed explanation of the basis for the charge than is provided on the ticket. The supporting deposition is usually generated by the officer at the time of the stop now that most tickets are being written electronically. If you mail a not guilty please you do not need to appear in court on the date stated on the ticket.

Upon receipt of your not guilty plea the court will schedule a trial and mail you a notice of the trial date. You have the option of contacting the District Attorney for a possible resolution through the traffic reduction / diversion program. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction you may proceed to trial on the scheduled date. A trial is the proceeding at which a judge will make a determination whether you are guilty or not guilty. At the trial you and your witnesses, if any, will have the opportunity to testify. The Assistant District Attorney can cross-examine your witnesses and you. When the testimony is completed the judge will make a decision and will usually announce it at court at the trial. If you are found not guilty, the matter is completed. If you are found guilty, the judge will determine the fine and arrangements for payments will be made.

Court Appearances with a Plea by mail
A third option is to appear in court on the date designated on the face of the ticket. At that time you can enter a please and/or ask for a trial. You will have the opportunity to provide any explanation you would like the judge to hear. Your explanation will be considered in the resolution of the case.

Payment of Fines
The Duane Town Court accepts cash, money orders, certified bank checks, and Visa or Mastercard. No personal checks are accepted for payment. A credit card processing fee of 2.99% will be charged for credit payments when fine is paid by filling out the credit card information on fine notice and mailing or faxing directly to the court.

Small Claims
The Duane Town Court has jurisdiction over small claims which are cases for money damages not exceeding $3,000. To file a small claim, you must be 18 years or older, otherwise, the action must be brought by a parent or legal guardian. The defendant must reside, work or have a business in the Town of Duane. The filing fee is $10 or $15 according to the amount you are suing for.

Small claims are mailed by both “Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested” and by First Class Mail. Therefore, a proper mailing address is required. Post office box addresses are not acceptable. You must also pay for the cost of mailing.

Court Hours and Dates of Operation

Court is held the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:00pm. Judge Fallon is presiding. Please be prompt. The Judge will not wait if no one is present. The court is closed on all government holidays and between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The court is located 12 miles south of Malone (NYS Route 30), proceed one mile east on Franklin County Route 26.

The court is held at the Duane Fire Station.


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